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Feb 2, 2013 12:10pm EST
majority of -- in seven countries, iran, iraq, the people's republic of china, north korea, saudi arabia, yemen, and the united states of america. i leave you with these words -- life is an ever evolving story of choice. letting go of things and ways that were in order to reach that for which we have yet to achieve. it is not some random shuffling of the deck. life is an intentional process. it calls for the goodness of our own intentions. we here in maryland are called to work at the center of this intentional movement. for every decision that we make, there is a future foretold. jobs, opportunity, public education, public transportation. these are our concerns. they are also the world's concerns. it comes to this -- do we believe the challenges facing our state and country are things that are happening to us or things happening for us? if we believe that they are happening to us, then we are victims. if on the other hand we believe they are happening for us, then every problem is a means to deeper understanding, greater growth, more security, and more opportunity. let me be specific. w
Feb 16, 2013 12:40pm EST
our exports, and we're importing jobs and investments from countries like japan, china, korea, india, france and germany. four years ago, the auto industry was in crisis. last year, kentucky auto makers produced more than a million cars and light trucks for the first time since 2007. and the construction of two bridges in jefferson county -- after 40 years of talk -- will create 4,000 construction- related jobs over the next six years. so yes, our momentum is accelerating. but as we emerge from this recession poised to do great things, fundamental weaknesses stand in our way, weaknesses that both require substantial investments in our future and at the same time prevent us from making those investments. what are those weaknesses? a tax system that works against us, not for us. a workforce that isn't as trained and skilled as it needs to be. an education system that isn't as efficient and rigorous as the world demands. a population whose health ranks among the worst in the nation. and a heavy sword called the public pension unfunded liability that dangles by a thread above us. ladies
Feb 2, 2013 12:45pm EST
modernization, and even the job description of governor has changed. i have led trade missions to china, korea, and canada. and, missions to mexico and israel are planned to expand nevada's global footprint. i am committed to leaving no stone unturned -- no road not taken. we must also invest in our nevada's innovators and entrepreneurs. and tonight, i am proud to announce that we will commit 10 million dollars to nevada's knowledge fund to do just that. [applause] for rural nevada, we have also placed an item in the budget to support the university cooperative extension program, and we are moving forward on "nevada grown," to provide nevada farm products for-- [applause] nevadans, and funds to market rural nevada tourism are increased. and, we are moving forward with our sage-grouse management plan, to show the federal government that we can manage our own lands and limit further federal intrusion into our lives. [applause] we will also restructure the nearly $703 million nevada owes to the federal government used to pay unemployment benefits to nevadans who were out of work. this step
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3